Small Weddings Make A Big Impression

2020 changed the way we do almost everything. While we were no longer able to gather in large groups, the desire to celebrate the love between two people only grew stronger. In order to move forward with their plans to get married, couples were forced to find new ways to celebrate their union. From this challenge, micro-weddings and elopements became more the norm than ever before.

A micro-wedding is typically a wedding celebration of 50 or fewer guests. Those who had dreams of 350 people in attendance may have found downsizing unacceptable, but many other realized this was actually a gift. Couples found creative ways to share their day with love-ones, and small weddings and elopements offered a number of benefits. For this reason, I think we’ll continue to see unique and interesting micro weddings - even after restrictions are lifted.

There are pros and cons to every type of event, but here are the top five reasons I think Micro Weddings are an amazing way to get hitched.

1)     Price – No doubt about it. It’s less expensive to entertain fewer people. You can choose to save the money and start your lives together with a little more cash in the bank, or spend the same amount while splurging on aspects of the wedding you would not have been able to do if were larger. Lobster for everyone!

2)     Style – There are no rules! You aren’t limited by people’s expectations, because you are creating the event from scratch. Let your style shine and highlight the things in life that make you truly happy. Want to get married on a mountain top? Go for it! Dreaming of a boho vibe? That’s great too! How about a costume themed wedding? Whatever makes you happy! With a limited number of guests, you have so many options to create something special.

3)     Location – Fewer guests means more options for locations. It can be in a back yard, or by the lake, or on a mountainside, or jumping out of an airplane, or skiing down the slopes……the sky’s the limit!

4)     Experience – A micro wedding may be small, but the guest experience will be off the charts. You’ll have more time to speak with all your guests and they will have time to chat with each other. If you narrow the guest list down to those who are truly special to you, you’ll all have a great time.

5)     Focus – Micro Weddings help you avoid a lot of stress and focus on what really matters….the love between two people. Your wedding day should be more about your relationship and less about the decorations. Design the event to reflect the things that are important to you, then live in the moment and enjoy the day.