Grad BFF Photo Session 2024

Senior Year is almost over, but the memories will last a lifetime. Celebrate this milestone with a fun-filled photoshoot for you and your best friends! College shirts and coordinating outfits make these photos super-cool, so it takes a little planning. Get your group together and start getting organized NOW! Jody Parks Photography Seniors (JPP Seniors) get a discount, but all seniors are invited to join the group.

Pricing for groups of 5+ people: $60 per JPP Senior / $95 per Senior (non JPP)

Contact me for pricing on fewer than 5 people.

PLAN AHEAD!!!!! Order your college shirts NOW and bring any other college branded items you want to include. Agree on a group outfit (doesn't have to match exactly, but coordating colors will make photos look best). You can choose to wear jeans or the same color pants (white or black would be best). Finally - most schools do not hand out caps and gowns until a couple days before graduation. Do you know someone who graduated last year? Ask them if you can borrow their gown!!! I will have a black one and a red one available, but you may prefer your school color. Last year's Seniors would be a great resource!

Feel free to contact me with any questions. If you'd like to book a session, choose one person to represent the group and click below.

Grad BFF Photoshoot RSVP

Let's talk more about your Grad BFF Photoshoot! Using this form, send me the main contact info for the group, which school you're from, and how many people you think will be in the group. I'll be in touch with more info!!