The Answer is YES

Chazy Lake is a magical place tucked away in the Adirondack Mountains. It's beauty comes from both the physical surroundings and the people who live there. For generations Americans and Canadians have come together along the shores of Chazy Lake to relax, hike, paddle, ski, fish, camp, sail, and create memories. Some are fortunate to live there year-round, while others come to visit as often as they can.

When Sarah and Thomas (both from Canada) decided to get married, they knew there was no better place to hold their cermony than the family cottage on Chazy Lake. Plans were made, invitations were sent, then Covid bullied it's way into our lives. You know the story....the entire world shut down. And in a move we never thought would happen, the border between Canada & the US was closed. Not just for a week or a month.....for a long, long time. And even when it reopened, the restrictions made it nearly impossible for Canadians to come to their own homes on Chazy Lake.

Finally, in June of 2022, Sarah and Thomas were able to bring their Canadian entourage over the border for a beautiful celebration. It was a perfect day, with the perfect people, in the perfect location. Congratulations to them both for holding out to have the wedding of their dreams. It was worth the wait....and now, you'll have an even better story to tell your kids!